Think about this: what if you had ONE CHANCE to send a critically important message to someone without fail?

Which method would you use?
Would you…

Run a TV commercial and hope they see it?
Put it in a sealed coupon mailer and hope they open it?
Upload it to the internet and hope they stumble upon it?

Let your competitors rely on hope!

Our giant postcards get your message instantly seen by everyone, every single time, without fail. And you will be the ONLY business of your kind on the postcard.

Think about it…

  • Not everyone reads the newspaper

  • Not everyone opens those blue coupon mailers

  • Not everyone sifts through those stacks of weekly fliers 

  • Not everyone searches for you on the internet

  • Not everyone hears your radio ad or sees your TV ad

But everyone puts their hand in a mailbox and pulls out their mail! And everyone will HAVE to pay attention to the Jumbo Clipper.

Our Giant Postcard is the ONLY Way to Personally Deliver Your Message to Over 20,000 Local Residents With Near 100% Exposure of Your FULLY EXCLUSIVE Message WITHOUT spending thousands.

Why should YOU be on the Jumbo Clipper?

RAPID RESPONSE: Instantly reach thousands of local buyers with nearly 100% exposure.
CANNOT BE IGNORED: Local buyers will HAVE to look at it when they pull it out of their mailboxes!
FULLY EXCLUSIVE: You won’t have any direct competitors who could damage your response
EXTREME VALUE: Any idea what you would pay to send a small postcard on your own?
OUTRAGEOUS SIZE: A 12×15 is the largest postcard the post office will deliver!
BRILLIANT COLOR: Beautiful full color glossy cardstock that demands attention
MOBILE COUPONS: Buyers can download all coupons onto their smart phone with one click! 
SCAVENGER HUNT / WIN $500: Shoppers will seek out your web site or store to get a special code for the contest. 
NO COMMITMENT: No contract required, just pay and go!

Aren’t you sick of long term commitments and paying for ads that just get stuffed into a magazine or a coupon book full of your competitors?

To talk to a real person…no shiny suits, no slicked back hair, NO pressure…fill out the form below, call 207-619-3125 or email We’ll pop in to show you our supersized postcard and fill you in on the details.

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